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Law firms are busy places, and there’s a lot going on all the time. There are clients to meet with, cases to prepare for trial, and briefs to write. Paralegals are an important part of every law firm. They help manage all of this, but they need a system in place that allows them to track their working hours accurately. If you don’t have an easy way of getting accurate information about how much time paralegals spend on projects and cases across your firm, it can be really hard for them to bill clients properly; and if they’re not billing clients properly then they’re not getting paid! Thankfully, there are ways for law firms to keep track of their paralegal hours so that everyone knows where things stand financially at all times:

What Tracking Paralegal Hours Does

Tracking paralegal hours allows you to bill at higher rates. The importance of billable hours for law firms and paralegals alike cannot be overstated. Billable hours are tracked differently in different law firms and even different states, but the idea is the same: if you’re going to charge clients for your time, then it’s best if that time can actually be measured. Accurate Billing will make everything easier for both parties involved; you’ll know exactly where your money comes from and whether or not it was worth what was paid out; clients get an accurate assessment of how much they paid per hour.

Tracking Paralegal’s Work is not Easy

It’s important to note that paralegal hours are often not included in the billing process. This is largely due to the fact that paralegals are not always included in tracking billable hours, and when they are, it may be done incorrectly or not at all.

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In order for your firm to stay competitive, you need accurate data on how long it takes your attorneys and staff members to complete tasks so that everyone knows how much work they can expect from each other in a given timeframe.

Time Tracking Systems

It’s important for law firms to have an accurate system for tracking paralegal hours. This is because billing clients for the work performed by paralegals is a crucial part of running a profitable business, and if you don’t have a reliable way of keeping track of your employees’ time, it can be difficult or even impossible to bill your clients fairly.

You can use a time-tracking system to bill clients more accurately. Accurate billing is important for law firms, especially those that rely on their clients’ trust and goodwill. If you’re not providing an accurate accounting of how much time you spend on a case, then it’s likely that the client won’t be happy with what they see when they receive their invoice. This can cause them to question whether or not they want to continue working with your firm or recommend you to friends and if there are other options available at a lower price, they may choose them over you!

In addition, having a good system in place will make it easier for you as well: you won’t have to spend hours manually entering data about each case or client into an Excel spreadsheet that might get lost or deleted by accident. Instead, with Runsensible you’ll have a secure, cloud-based software that will not only keep track of your working hours, but it will also keep all of your information safe and accessible from anywhere at any given time.

The Benefits of Tracking Hours

Accurate Billing – Tracking paralegal hours is an important part of your law firm’s successful operation. Paralegals need to know how much time they are spending on cases and projects, as well as whether or not their clients can be billed for that time.

Better Understanding of the Firm’s Financial Standing – While many paralegals track their own hours, it’s also a good idea for the firm itself to keep close tabs on its employees’ billable hours. This will ensure that the company has an accurate picture of its profitability at all times, which can help prevent financial mismanagement or unexpected losses later in life.

Better Staff Management – Keeping track of the paralegals’ working hours is essential for any manager since it allows you to keep track of all your employees’ hours and make sure they’re being paid correctly. This can easily be done using Runsensible’s timesheets feature.

Accurate Staff Payments – If you don’t have an accurate record of your paralegals’ billable hours, it will be hard for you to know how much money each one brings in for the firm. You also won’t be able to see if any of them are slacking off or not putting enough effort into their cases which can hurt morale among your team members!

Track Your Paralegal Hours to Increase Income

Tracking your paralegal’s time is essential. It allows you to bill clients more accurately, ensure that your paralegals are billable, and make sure that they’re focused on billable tasks. It also ensures that you are billing clients accurately and fairly and it can save energy and increase your overall income since it will count every hour of your hard work!

Your Paralegals Will Appreciate Their Time Being Valued

Tracking paralegal hours is a great way to ensure your team members are productive, motivated, and feel valued. When you track your paralegals’ hours, it sends the message that their work matters. The more time they spend on cases or projects, the better off your firm will be.

The benefits of tracking paralegal time include:

  • Increased productivity – Your team will have an easier time getting tasks done because they know how much time they have left in their schedules before they can take breaks or go home for the day. This means less stress around deadlines and projects being completed on time; no more panicking about whether or not something will get done before closing arguments next week!
  • Greater motivation – Tracking hours encourages employees who aren’t hitting their goals every week/month/quarter by allowing them opportunities within those periods to reach them and feel like a part of something big and special which can increase morale and motivation.
  • More Accurate Payment – Also, tracking paralegal hours helps ensure that all of your employees are being paid fairly for their work. This can help prevent lawsuits from employees who feel like they are not being paid enough or treated fairly by management at work (which is an issue in many industries).


In conclusion, tracking paralegal hours is a great way to make sure your attorneys are billing their clients as fairly as possible. It’s also important for the paralegals themselves because they want their time to be valued and not wasted on projects or cases that don’t pay well. By using an online time tracking system like Runsensible, you can make sure everyone in your firm knows exactly how much work they’ve done so far and whether or not it’s worth continuing!


1. Is everything a paralegal does trackable?
While tracking every billable task performed by all the paralegals of a law firm may sound daunting at first, tracking their hours using software like Runsensible that’s deliberately designed for such purposes is way easier than you think!

2. What’s the difference between a paralegal and a legal assistant?
While some responsibilities of the two jobs may overlap at times, there are a few subtle differences between paralegals and legal assistants. You can find more detailed info in this article “Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Employing a Legal Assistant

3. Is time-tracking the only feature of Runsensible?
Of course not! Runsensible has a wide range of features that have been specifically designed for lawyers and law firms. You can test Runsensible’s features using our 14-day free trial.

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