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Ad hoc

The legal term “ad hoc” is used to describe actions, solutions, or arrangements that are improvised for a specific purpose or case, rather than being part of a pre-established, general rule or procedure.

The following are some examples of its use:

Ad Hoc Committee: An ad hoc committee may be formed during legal proceedings to address a particular issue or situation that falls outside the scope of existing committees or regulations.

Ad Hoc Arbitration: This term may refer to arbitration that is established for a specific dispute rather than being based on an existing arbitration agreement. Parties involved in a dispute might agree to ad hoc arbitration if they haven’t pre-determined an arbitration forum in their contracts.

Ad Hoc Legal Representation: This could refer to a situation where an attorney is appointed or engaged specifically for a particular case or matter, rather than being someone’s regular or ongoing legal representative.

In all of these cases, the term “ad hoc” emphasizes the temporary, situational, and specific nature of the legal arrangements or actions being undertaken.

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