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In Latin, “vicarius” means “substitute” or “deputy.” It can refer to someone who acts in place of another, often in a position of authority or responsibility.

In a legal context, the term “vicarius” refers to a person who acts as a representative or agent on behalf of another party. This concept is often used in agency law, where a person (known as the principal) appoints another person (known as the agent) to act on their behalf in legal matters or transactions. In this case, the agent is considered the vicarius of the principal.

For instance, in agency law, an attorney may act as a vicarius for their client during legal proceedings. This means that the attorney can make decisions and take actions on behalf of the client within the limits of the authority granted by the client.

Similarly, in some legal systems, vicarious liability refers to the legal responsibility that a person or entity may have for the actions of another. For example, an employer may be held liable for the actions of their employees during the course of employment.

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