Two-Factor Authentication

Enhanced Security with YubiKey Two-Factor Authentication

Unlock enhanced protection and streamline your login process with YubiKey on RunSensible. Experience the dual benefits of top-tier security and efficient access to safeguard your business data.

We’ve integrated YubiKey into RunSensible to provide a superior layer of security through two-factor authentication. YubiKey is a physical security key that users carry, which strengthens login security by requiring not just a password (something you know) but also the YubiKey itself (something you have). This method is highly effective against phishing, identity theft, and other cyber threats. By adding YubiKey, we ensure that even if passwords are compromised, your account remains secure. This integration is part of our commitment to offering the most reliable and robust security measures to protect your sensitive business operations and data.

RunSensible: Pioneering Vigilant Security Measures to Safeguard Your Business

At RunSensible, we prioritize your security by integrating advanced solutions. We are committed to protecting your sensitive information with the highest level of vigilance and care, ensuring your business operations are secure and trustworthy.

Enhanced Security: Protects against phishing and unauthorized access by requiring physical possession of the YubiKey in addition to a password.

Enhanced security is crucial in today’s digital environment, where phishing attacks and unauthorized access attempts are increasingly sophisticated. By integrating YubiKey, which requires physical possession of the device for access, RunSensible significantly elevates security. This method effectively thwarts cybercriminals because even if a password is compromised, the physical key must also be present to gain entry. This dual-factor authentication protects sensitive business data and client information from being accessed maliciously. In essence, YubiKey serves as a robust barrier, ensuring that only authorized users can access accounts, thereby safeguarding your business operations against a wide array of digital threats.

Streamlined Access: Simplifies the login process with a single touch, bypassing the need for typing additional security codes.

Streamlined access via YubiKey simplifies the login process by enabling a single-touch mechanism, eliminating the need to type security codes. This convenience enhances user experience, reduces login time, and minimizes the potential for entry errors, making secure access both quicker and more user-friendly.

Reduced Fraud Risk: By adding a physical layer of security, it minimizes the chances of account compromise, even if passwords are stolen.

Reduced fraud risk with YubiKey adds a physical layer of security, minimizing account compromise risks. Even if passwords are stolen, the necessity of possessing the physical key to access accounts significantly deters and prevents fraudulent activities, safeguarding user data effectively.

Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly across numerous platforms and services, providing a consistent security experience wherever you use it.

Universal compatibility ensures that YubiKey works seamlessly across various platforms and services, providing a consistent security experience. It interfaces with devices via USB or NFC, enabling secure access regardless of the user’s choice of technology or operating system.

RunSensible Chooses AWS: Guaranteeing Top-Level Data Security and Stability

RunSensible has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its robust and reliable cloud infrastructure, which ensures top-level data security and operational stability for our users. AWS provides comprehensive data protection and a highly secure environment that adheres to the latest compliance standards. This partnership allows RunSensible to leverage AWS’s advanced encryption methods, automatic backups, and disaster recovery protocols to keep user data safe from breaches and loss. By utilizing AWS, RunSensible guarantees that all customer data is stored securely and remains accessible and intact, ensuring business continuity and trust.


What is YubiKey?

Answer: YubiKey is a physical security device used for two-factor authentication. It provides enhanced security by requiring both the device itself and a password to access your account. This added layer helps protect against phishing, unauthorized access, and other cyber threats.

Where can our clients purchase a YubiKey?

Answer: Clients can purchase YubiKey directly from the official Yubico website or through authorized retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and other electronics stores. It’s available in various models to suit different devices and user preferences.

How to use YubiKey with RunSensible?

Answer: To use YubiKey with RunSensible, simply insert the YubiKey into the USB port of your device. When prompted during the login process, touch the button on the YubiKey to authenticate. This action verifies your identity without needing to enter a code, providing a quick and secure access to your account.