As a law firm, you’re probably already familiar with how important it is to manage your matter data. But have you considered how much easier it would be if you could get your information in one place? Managing the matters is just as important as Managing the Entire Firm itself. Although there are several options available for managing matters, we’ll show you the benefits of using an integrated software platform for organizations like yours.

Definition of Matter in Law

A matter is a collection of related legal administrative proceedings, case(s), or legal issues for which the state requires legal representation or advice. A client, or group of clients with similar legal needs, may have one or more matters at any given time. A single case might be considered its own unique matter, but if there are multiple cases that are related to each other in some way, they could also be considered part of one overall “matter”.

For example: if you’re representing an individual who has been injured by another party’s negligence and wants compensation for medical bills and lost wages due to missing work while recovering from their injuries, this would count as one case within your law firm’s practice area (personal injury). However, if this same client was involved in another car accident later down the line where he suffered additional injuries requiring additional medical treatment and missed even more work than before, you would then have two separate cases under one overall “Personal Injury” umbrella because both accidents were caused by different negligent drivers.

Why Matter Management is Important

Matter management software helps you manage your clients’ legal matters, as well as your team’s workload. It also helps you manage time and Billable Hours. This is especially important if you have a large firm with dozens or hundreds of attorneys working on cases at any given time.

Matter management software allows you to see what each attorney is working on at any given moment so that they can better prioritize their tasks based on importance and urgency. This will help everyone stay on top of things.

How Does Matter Management Software Work?

Matter Management Software is an application that helps law firms and legal departments manage their cases. It’s a suite of tools that includes:

It integrates with your existing software systems or Office 365 to provide a comprehensive solution for managing the business of law.

Runsensible’s Extra Options

Runsensible is an all-in-one CRM solution that is specifically designed for lawyers. So every feature of the software has been tuned according to the needs of lawyers. However, not only does Runsensible offer all of the options of a matter management software, but it also gives you a little bonus!

Runsensible extra features include:

  • Integrated Calendaring – You can organize and enter the due events into the Runsensible calendar in a daily/weekly/monthly manner and share it with everyone to make sure they all know what to prepare for.
  • Appointment Reminders – Appointments are important, really important. You cannot afford to miss an appointment with a partner or a client as that will do irreversible damage to your reputation as a company. Using the Runsensible appointment reminder system, not only will you never miss a meeting again, but you will also be able to remind clients via Automated Email Reminders to make sure they don’t miss it either!
  • Task Management Tools – You can also use Runsensible to assign specific tasks to specific people with ease and monitor their progress on their work.

Collaboration Tools to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Collaboration tools are an important part of any matter management software package. They allow you to keep your team on the same page, share documents and calendars, communicate with clients and colleagues, and manage projects in one place.

Matter management software will help you streamline your practice. You’ll be able to manage more clients and cases, save time and money, and provide better service to your clients. Matter management software is a great tool for law firms to use. It can help you streamline your practice, so you have more time to focus on what matters most: your clients and their cases.


1. Is there a way to try Runsensible before I purchase a subscription?
Absolutely! We offer a 14-day free trial version of Runsensible CRM so our clients can see what they’re dealing with before making a full commitment.

2. Does Runsensible offer any communication options with clients?
Yes, Runsensible offers a variety of methods to keep in touch with clients and colleagues, much cheaper than traditional ways. You can send them Emails, SMS or even call them through the software.

3. What is the difference between “Project Management” and “Matter Management”?
Project management refers to fields other than law; you’ll probably hear the word “project management” in other CRM solutions that are out there, but since Runsensible is made for lawyers only and according to the definition of “matters”, we prefer to call it “Matter Management”.

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